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Blockstore Group B2B:
Unmanned Grocery as a service for retailers


World's most advanced unmanned brick-and-mortar grocery store concept

Blockstore concept: 
Solution and services to run your local digital brick and mortar store

Blockstore concept in a nutshell: 


  • Unmanned self-service grocery store with best consumer experience

    • Seamless, engaging and personalized shopping experience​

  • Proven end-to-end concept for unmanned grocery shops

    • State-of-the-art technology​

    • Optimized and proven processes designed and developed for scaling

    • Complemented with own and protected IPR

  • Entire concept offered as a service for Retailers

    • Unmanned Grocery as a service – uGaas

Platform reach and operational model

Retailers and brand owners
Supply chain operations
Unmanned stores
Brand owner A
Brand owner B
Brand owner C
Retailer X
Retailer Y
Outsourced / inhouse
"My new pantry downstairs"
"Easy, fast and I can influence what's available in my store"
“I order once per week from online and then buy rest from my local store"
Retailer Z
BLOCKSTER platform by Blockstore Finland Ltd.

Value offered for retailers

Why us?

Got curious – next steps? 

  • Discuss with Henna, our Head of Partnerships, to be the next truly local retailer or perhaps be the gamechanger in food delivery services:

  • Retail automation and digitalization, localization and services  - offered in a way you believed did not yet exist.

Blockstore Group

Retail and retail technology platform and services for unmanned stores 
Office: Taivaltie 5, 01610 Vantaa 
Stores: 7

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