Unmanned Grocery as a service – uGaaS


The new normal in the future of retail

The store – our concept 
Unmanned local block store –
the Blockstore service

Concept formula to win? 


  • Unmanned Grocery as a service – uGaaS. What it means is that we provide an unmanned Grocery Stores as a Service to our customers, to the Retailers.

  • Global competence and knowhow in unmanned store concepts – we have themost advanced unmanned store concept on the market with market leadingtechnology partners

  • Unmanned stores are a business you would need a tech focused team mixed with your retail experience

    • –Use your retail experience and we will take care of the tech part and scalability

    • –We have already stores open and operative – not a marketing project.

    • –Proven technology, processes concept and IPR

    • –Technology knowhow and IPR to support scalable supply chain and store operationscombined with AI (artifical intelligence) and platform capabilities

    • –Small and agile set-up, with ability to scale

Blockstore Finland Ltd. – Suomen Korttelikauppa Oy

Retail and retail technology platform and services for unmanned stores 
Office: Taidemaalarinkatu 1 C 31, 04330 Helsinki, Finland
Stores: 6

Blockstore Finland Ltd. 

  • Most comprehensive unmanned Grocery service provider in Europe

  • Technology platform company operating unmanned retail stores as a service

    • –Intelligent and automatic brick and mortar stores close to consumers

    • –First commercially working and truly scalable unmanned store ecosystem concept - globally

  • 6 stores in Capital Region, Finland. Technology and software for scalable global solution from Finland to Europe. Store ramp up and time to revenue is fast, 4-12 weeks.

  • Technology and IPR leadership

    • –Distribution center operations & product itemisation in scale

    • –Consumer purchase experience as smooth as possible and related payment processes.

    • –Continuous technology developement, platform and operation model development

Unmanned store platform for grocery store chains.
Unmanned Grocery as a Service – uGaaS
Evolution of brick-and-mortar in digitalized & post-COVID world

Platform reach and operational model

Retailers and brand owners
Supply chain operations
Unmanned stores
Brand owner A
Brand owner B
Brand owner C
Retailer X
Retailer Y
Outsourced / inhouse
"My new pantry downstairs"
"Easy, fast and I can influence what's available in my store"
“I order once per week from online and then buy rest from my local store"
Retailer Z
BLOCKSTER platform by Blockstore Finland Ltd.

Our model for retailers – uGaaS

Blockstore Finland Ltd.
BLOCKSTER platform and operational services
Dedicated entity
/ team X
Dedicated entity
/ team Y
Dedicated entity
/ team Z
Retailer X
Retailer Y
Retailer Z
Got curious – next steps? 

  • We are now engaging with interested retailers from Europe for further discussion

  • Simplify your thinking on improving your retail reach with local presence and serving variety of residential areas

  • Most efficient and fast way to drive retail automation, localization and service levels to the next phase

Evolution of brick-and-mortar stores

Blockstore Finland logistic model and opportunities
Saving consumer time and improving quality of life 
When combined with online retail + delivery the need for hypermarkets becomes negligible to many of the consumers
Closer to consumer - no need for a car - sustainability
Efficient route planning delivering batches closer to consumer
Enabling food delivery services and them to operate more cost efficiently and faster
The future of grocery retail

Connectivity, digitalization and new services models will merge all these three differet models. Technologies matching these different platforms are expected to bloom.

Online (sales and delivery)
Hypermarket and malls: focus shift
Local grocery stores (sales, pick and delivery)